Biden tries to hide radical economic agenda as he accepts Democratic Party's nomination

Thursday marked a historic moment in the life of Joe Biden. After years of being roundly rejected in one presidential run after another by primary voters, Biden finally was able to take the stage at a Democratic convention as the party’s nominee for president.

Unfortunately for him and the nation, however, two dark shadows were cast over what should have been Biden’s moment in the sun: father time and the Democratic Party’s far-left radicalism, which seems to infect virtually every part of the former vice president’s platform.

Throughout the address on Thursday night, Biden did his best to inject energy into his presentation to America, but for the most part, his attempts fell flat. Throughout much of the speech, Biden looked and sounded — well, old. And no amount of debate preparation or makeup could conceal the fact (not opinion) that Biden has lost a step or two (or more) over the past few years.

It should be clear to all who have been following Biden’s career that the man who took the stage Thursday night was a shell of his former self.
 Source: Fox Business
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