3 States Intend To Pay $400 Extra In Weekly Unemployment Benefits, Not $300

  • 08/21/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
  • by: Shahar Ziv

States have started to mobilize and submit applications to FEMA for the enhanced federal unemployment benefits approved by President Trump on August 8. Initial confusion about the mechanics of the program was partly mitigated by guidance issued by FEMA, which clarified the structure of the program and confirmed that states would not be required to chip in an additional $100 to secure $300 in federal funds. Most states that are seeking FEMA funding have said they will not pay unemployed workers an optional state match of $100; however, three states (Montana, West Virginia and Kentucky) have indicated they will provide an extra $100, meaning that their unemployed workers will start receiving $400 each week.

With Congress at an impasse over the next coronavirus stimulus package, President Trump signed four executive directives on August 8, including one to provide enhanced unemployment benefits to 30 million Americans. The unemployment benefits memorandum issued by President Trump called for the federal government to cover 75 percent of a new $400 weekly benefit and for states to use money from their Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) or other programs to cover the rest. As The Washington Post noted, “that was interpreted by many states to mean that they would have to provide an additional $100 per week for their residents to qualify for the benefit.”
 Source: Forbes
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