3 things you should do with your money right now

1. Write down your financial goals
I recently read about a Harvard study on written goals. The researchers asked students if they had set clear, written goals for their future and made plans to accomplish them.
Only 3% of them had written down their goals and plans. Thirteen percent had goals but hadn’t written them down. And 84% of respondents didn’t have any goals at all.

2. Save up an emergency fund
An emergency fund turns a crisis into nothing but an inconvenience.
At Ramsey Solutions, we teach the 7 Baby Steps. They help you get out of debt, and build a life you love.
Baby Step 1 is to save a $1,000 emergency fund as your cushion while you’re getting out of debt. Then, pay off all debt using what's called the "debt snowball."

3. Change your mindset about money
You get a credit card offer in the mail with an amazing deal on points that you just can’t pass up. Your friends invite you on vacation, and instead of missing out, you dip into your emergency fund. It’s time to send your kids to college so you take out a Parent PLUS loan. But none of these choices are going to set you (or your kids) up to win with money.
This is where self-awareness is key. Don’t let an old habit or an “easy” out creep in and ruin your progress. You’ve got to know yourself well enough to know what you’ll be tempted by, and what to guard against.
You’ve worked too hard to let a momentary distraction take away what you’ve built.

 Source: Fox Business
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